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photo by  mister + lady  [thanks guys!]

photo by mister + lady [thanks guys!]



The author of many shopping lists, to do lists and adapted recipes. I'm based in Sydney's Inner West and live with my husbando, two rambunctious boys and the funniest rescue dog PoppyGirl

Oh hang on — stop the press!

This little family has relocated to Castlemaine (seriously you need to check this place out it's fantastic) chasing our dreams of a backyard, a grownup kitchen, views of starry night skies, freedom for the smalls and being closer to family. I still love documenting families lives wherever I go and you'll find me offering sessions in Melbourne, Sydney and really anywhere. Feel free to get in touch and let me know where you are. By my own admission I still own too many striped tops, love a good old cup of tea and I'm still far from the perfect parent. I have also become slightly obsessed with Celeste Barber | Accidental Model and Instagram stories.

Oh and if you work for the ABC just FYI: I'm all set to program rage with my list of film clips featuring boats all ready to go.

AND I am an accredited member of the AIPP

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M. 0402 147 605