how do I get awesome images
of my crew? 


I pinky promise I make each session as easy and as relaxed as possible. Life can feel fragile and fleeting so lets get together have have some fun.
We'll capture a little window of your life, your story, a little window of time to reflect on and most importantly your uniqueness. 

step one 


+ a session fee is payable to book your session date and time and includes a $100 credit to use at your viewing appointment.

weekday session fee | $200
weekend session fee| $250

I LOVE to travel for sessions but please note travel costs may apply depending on your location

step two

 + A pre-session phone chat and a super brief questionnaire about your unique family

+ 90 minutes of quality time hanging with the people you love doing what you love ... and me of course.
[I tag along ... kinda like your own paparazzi but way less weird, I promise]

step three


+ After the shoot we book in viewing session for you to see your gorgeous images

+ You'll choose your favorites and we'll work together to decide how we are going to preserve your story

+ my carefully selected range of custom framed prints, and hand bound albums make your images not only look amazing but ensure they last for future generations.

+Most families choose a gorgeous Australian made album starting at $850 and combine this with a combination of matted or custom framed wall prints starting at $80.

*digital negatives (both hi res for printing and low res for viewing on the web) can be included with most portraits


for an idea on my approach to sessions keep on scrolling sister!

Any questions? drop me a line 



story sessions - what's the deal?



I love photographing people at their home, REALLY I do, kids are super comfy there, you are super comfy and it captures a bit more about you … what will bring back more memories than seeing your kids heartfelt art in the background …and the kitchen window before Billy hit a cricket ball through it … or the little Lego creations placed just so. We’ll be a bit silly, a bit serious, and a bit curious to get great natural shots. I aim for uncluttered, unfussy documentary style portraits capturing life. Your life.


+ but our house looks a bit um ... well ... chaotic. Can we go to the park? 


I’m totally up for a location shoot but keep in mind I’m not doing a spread for real living magazine… it’s your home, it’s where you hang, it’s yours and uniquely so. I’m dedicated to capturing a bit of now before it changes … you won’t regret it I promise. I’m hanging out for a grown up kitchen too but I am still creating great memories in our old, small cramped space and will look back on those times fondly. And don’t worry … I won’t shoot the dishes in the sink, the dust bunnies or the towels you threw in a washing basket and hid in the office I promise! Lets chat, we can always combine home and a favorite location.


+ how long does it take?


I generally allow about 90 minutes, sometimes I need way less and sometimes little ones need a bit more time. I want you to engage with your peeps, do things you love to do together … cook, play, rumble, read, laugh, interpretive dance. I don’t do formal but I will work to get you all in the same frame at some point. The best thing you can do is bring a great attitude, relax and get into the swing of things … I will give you some direction and we’ll work together to get great connection.


+ what do we wear?


Wear what you love wearing, wear what you feel great in - seriously. If you all go out to lunch wearing matching tracksuits then let’s capture that, if Mia insists on wearing her super hero cape everywhere then let’s do it … if Jack insists on wearing gumboots in summer let’s do it [I do however have issues with socks and sandals…yikes]. If you aren’t sure -  lay all the outfits out on the bed and see what works well… if everyone is in beige and dad has put out his bright red polo you might want to mix it up a bit


+ can we include the dog?


It’s no secret that PoppyGirl is HUGE part of our family so hells yeah … get the pets in, hermit crabs … pet rocks … Kenny the swearing canary … I wanna meet them.


+ how do you take your tea?


Why thanks for asking, white with none thanks.


+ what else should we know?


I’ll ask you to sign a portrait release prior to the session – this serves two purposes. Firstly it states that the copyright of the images remains with me (you can use the images for personal use only). It also gives me permission to use the images should they be suitable, for promotional purposes such as my website, flyers and displays.

+ can i ask another question?


Sure you can, as long as it’s not about astrophysics I should be able to answer it – hit me up on 0402 147 605 or email me at

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